Latymer Prep School

Transition to Upper School


As Latymer Upper’s junior school, our Prep pupils automatically transition to the Upper School in Year 7, without the need to spend valuable learning time preparing for the 11+ entrance exam. Instead, our staff focuses on teaching across and beyond the curriculum, ensuring a full and more educationally fulfilling final year at the Prep for our Year 6 pupils.

Both Latymer Upper School and Prep are governed by the Latymer Foundation, sharing the same history and ethos. Staff from the two schools have the same approach to teaching methods and similar strategies for life-long learning. During their four years at the Prep, our pupils fully engage in Latymer life, sharing school values and attitudes to learning, as well as sports and arts facilities.

Each year the Prep provides Latymer Upper School with around 40 fantastic Latymerians who not only excel academically, but also make a valued contribution to the whole school community in terms of sport, music, drama and Sixth Form leadership.