Latymer Prep School

Responsibility and Leadership



Encouraging leadership qualities such as collaboration, empathy, understanding, tact & resilience through the assumption of mentor roles, such as House and Form Captains and Vice Captains enables our pupils to see themselves as individuals who can make a positive difference in the world. 

The House System enables pupils to collaborate vertically and learn from one another with those pupils in leadership positions guiding their peers, promoting teamwork, and leading their respective houses to success through the many House competitions; swimming, chess and photography and the annual Bandstand Cup, a race along the river earning points for their Houses, amongst others.

There are opportunities across all areas of the School to lead. Form Captains set a remarkable example for their classmates. They assist teachers, ensure a well-organised class, and offer support to fellow pupils. Our mentoring programme enables older pupils to learn the value of responsibility by mentoring younger children, helping them make friends and settle into their new school.

Pupils can join various committees and societies, such as the Charities Committee or Eco Committee. This allows them to voice their ideas and concerns, take initiative, and drive positive change within the school. Our School Council, consisting of elected representatives, ensures pupil voices are heard. This empowers our pupils to influence school decisions and take ownership of their learning environment.

We are dedicated to fostering responsibility and leadership in our pupils, helping them grow into confident and empathetic individuals. We believe that every child has the potential to lead and make a positive impact. We instil in our pupils an understanding that their voices and actions can shape a brighter future.