Latymer Prep School



Geography is used to open up new and exciting worlds for the pupils to discover, and to inspire them to question and examine their existing one. Through our teaching of geography we aim to:

  • Engage the children by stimulating an interest in their surroundings
  • Provoke thought and understanding about the natural and physical worlds: including weather, climates, rivers, coastlines, mountains, volcanoes, earthquakes and rainforests 
  • Develop knowledge of places and environments at local, national and international settings
  • Increase their understanding of different peoples and cultures throughout the world
  • Acquire an understanding about the processes that bring about change in the physical and human world
  • Develop the children’s competence in specific geographical skills; e.g. Ordnance survey maps: location, symbols, scale, perspective and map use
  • Develop enquiry skills, empowering children to use I.C.T to research issues of interest
  • Involve the children in a range of teaching and learning; e.g. fieldwork, discussion, using I.C.T and written work 
  • Monitor children’s work, assess their work regularly and provide positive reinforcement.