Latymer Prep School



Throughout both schools at Latymer we have a growth mindset approach to our teaching and learning, and provide a rich, creative, inspiring curriculum for our pupils. 

The Latymer habits of learning underpin the teaching and learning that takes place in the Prep. Habits such as: persisting, striving for accuracy, questioning & problem posing, and listening with understanding and empathy. We encourage questioning through problem-solving, creating, imagining, and innovating, which all nurture an intellectual curiosity and wonder about the world in our children and have a profound impact on their achievement and ability to thrive both in and out of the classroom. 

Our children are not phased when they face challenges, but instead, flounder intelligently as they learn to communicate and collaborate, and to think critically and creatively. The development of these four key fusion skills creates a solid foundation for children to build on as they move through their education in the Prep, then into the Upper School, later into higher education and beyond in the world of work, where your children will be doing jobs that don’t even exist at the moment! 

Teaching these skills also instils independence and self-awareness in our pupils, building resilience and enabling the children to tackle unfamiliar situations with confidence and enthusiasm. In short, Latymer Prep is about lighting fires, not filling buckets, as we hope you will discover as you explore the different subject areas. Most of all, as the children tell us, learning here at Latymer is a lot of fun!