Latymer Prep School

House System



The school operates a House System, with each child assigned to a house on arrival at the school. Given that the Thames is immediately beside the Prep, it is appropriate that our four houses are named after river birds: Cormorant, Heron, Kingfisher and Mallard. 

Led by a House Captain and Deputy - who are elected by the house members - the houses participate in an exciting and wide-range of inter-house competitions and activities. There are, of course, inter-house sports activities such as Sports Day, the fiercely fought Swimming gala and the Bandstand Cup but equally important are the ‘times-table’ challenges, general knowledge quizzes which all attract enthusiastic support.

And, of course, children ‘earn’ house points in recognition of exceptional work, determination and effort, outstanding contributions in music and drama, kindness, generosity – the list is open and endless!

Good humoured and generous-spirited, the house system helps develop friendships across the year groups while promoting resilience, respect and good sportsmanship.