Latymer Prep School

School Lunch


Lunchtime is one of the highlights of the day at Latymer Prep. A self-service lunch is served in the Upper School dining room and the Prep School has the whole range of choice that the Upper School pupils enjoy. The menu is planned to provide nutritious  and tasty dishes using fresh ingredients and all our meals are cooked on site.

The Prep School children are taken by their teachers for lunch at 12.00pm before the Upper School lunch break - and they remain on-hand to supervise.

The children choose from a menu including three or four main meal options plus  homemade soup, sandwiches, baked potatoes and a salad bar. The puddings are ever popular and there is always yoghurt and fruit.

We have a number of children with a range of food allergies. The Catering Staff are alerted to these and advise children as to the contents of the meals being provided.

We ask parents to inform us of any allergies before the start of the school year so that teachers and catering staff can monitor a child’s diet if necessary. Menus are provided on the parents’ portal, allowing parents to discuss food choices with their child, guiding them towards foods which they might enjoy.

Of course, children may bring their own packed-lunches if they wish.