Latymer Prep School




In the Maths department, we aim to nurture each child’s confidence in order to enable them to reach their potential as mathematicians.  By progressively introducing a range of different topics and strategies for approaching maths problems, the department seeks to empower each child with a range of skills and techniques on which they can draw and through which they can develop as independent learners.  We believe that it is important to develop intellectual flexibility and resilience in our pupils; there is always more than one way of solving a maths problem. 

Our teaching approach is interactive and dynamic, utilising a range of stimulating texts, interactive/whiteboard learning and individualised learning through personalised tasks on the computer and ipad.  We also seek to anchor maths within the real-life experience of the children.

Recognising that some children can find aspects of the subject challenging, the department works closely with the Director of Studies to identify and support children through the provision of small-group teaching.  Maths Club for Years 5 and 6 aims to provide a fun context within which the children are encouraged to take risks and speculate creatively, to gain confidence and to recognise the particular intellectual pleasures mathematical understanding provides. 

We offer pupils opportunities to take part in competitions and quizzes and we invite visitors in to teach the pupils about Finance and Maths in the real world, as well as taking pupils on trips to financial institutions, such as the Bank of England museum.