Latymer Prep School

Academic Mentoring


Sharing the school campus with Latymer Upper School means that we have access to the outstanding facilities and support services which the Foundation has developed over the past fifteen years.

The establishment of the Academic Mentoring Department during that time is one of the initiatives of which we are most proud. The purpose of the department is to help and support children with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

Children with physical needs, such as profound deafness or compromised sight, are provided with the support to enable them to achieve at the highest level.

Then there are children who can find social interactions difficult to navigate and who need guidance on how to manage social relationships. With the help of Academic Mentoring, who work in both the Prep and the Upper School, we are able to provide a learning environment which empowers all children to realise their ambitions. This whole-school provision means that, where needed, children who have been receiving support in the Prep, continue to be offered help as they move through the Upper School.