Latymer Prep School



Latymer Prep School is very proud of its bursary programme. We strongly believe that the life-changing education we offer should be accessible to bright children who do well in the School’s rigorous entrance exams, regardless of their financial background.

We have a limited number of bursary awards available each year for entry to the Prep school in Year 3. The bursary programme is supported and sustained by present and former Prep families who endorse our aim of widening access to a Latymer education by donating to the bursary fund.

Parents wishing to apply for bursary support can indicate their interest when they register. You will be asked to complete a form providing details of your financial situation. This allows the school to determine the level of support available. 

A family’s financial statement remains confidential. Historically, most bursaries have provided between 95% and 100% of annual fees. In addition, school uniform and sports kit are provided free of charge. School trips are usually covered.

Assuming satisfactory academic progress, just as expected of every Latymer pupil, the bursary support will continue through to A levels.

Hear what current and former bursary students have to say about the bursary programme with special mention of the Prep bursary at 3:55!