Latymer Prep School




In Art we ensure that every child is given a wide range of creative experiences and opportunities. By ensuring a wide range of materials and means of expression are covered, each child’s individual creativity can be developed. Skills and knowledge learnt, are both progressed and embedded year on year as the children revisit materials and techniques covered during their time in the Prep. We encourage the children to experiment and be brave in their self-expression meaning no two pieces of work are the same but instead a reflection of the character and emotions of that child. Art is a unique opportunity for the children to create something shareable beyond cultures and language, individual and yet capable of connecting.

We provide opportunities for the children to talk, discuss and look critically at their work and others. We strive to create an environment in which the children can celebrate each other’s work and can learn from each other’s and their own decisions. 

Through learning about a diverse selection of artists and sculptors, the children feel both inspired by and represented in the art world. Through a wide variety of artworks, we further the children’s understanding of society, the world around them and themselves.

Curriculum links are made through the study of British artists and artists from around the world and throughout history.