Latymer Prep School

School Facilities



Latymer Upper and Prep Schools are joined together through an internal underpass and pupils who attend either School can enter and leave from either via King Street or by the river on Upper Mall. Once on the south side of the site, the Prep School comprises three main buildings; Rivercourt House, Latymer House and the Seahorse Studio. The main school buildings accommodate a range of classrooms and there are a number of dedicated spaces across the site for Computing, Music, Art & Design and Food & Nutrition. There are idyllic views from the classrooms onto the River Thames.

Sharing the site with Latymer Upper School, our children also enjoy access to the outstanding contemporary facilities which the Latymer Foundation has developed over the past decade. These include a 200-seat theatre, a dance and drama space, a performing arts building which has an outstanding recital hall where the children perform regularly and an impressive sports centre and swimming pool including a six-lane swimming pool, a state-of-the-art sports hall, fitness suites and a climbing wall.

Adjacent to the River Thames with a delightful garden and nature area around which the main Prep buildings stand, our children are able to enjoy the intimacy of our garden space while having access to some of the most modern educational facilities in London.