Latymer Prep School



The Registration Fee is £150 and is non refundable.

The Acceptance Fee is £1,000 - the deposit is held until pupils leave the school and all liabilities have been settled

The Prep School fees from September 2024 will be as follows:

  • Latymer Prep School £7,862 per term 
  • Latymer Upper School £8,633 per term

Other optional charges. These are optional termly premiums and are payable in advance.

  • School Lunches Autumn Term £375
  • School Lunches Spring Term £294
  • School Lunches Summer Term £273
  • Music Tuition Fee £35 per 30 minute lesson
  • Musical Instrument Hire £37 per term
  • Personal Accident Insurance is provided free of charge 

Payment Methods

Tuition fees and extras are payable in full on the first Friday of each term by direct debit. As an alternative to paying termly, there is also the option to pay your school fees and extras via monthly repayments through School Fee Plan.

Personal Accident Insurance Scheme

All students are automatically included in this insurance scheme and there is no premium to pay as it is included in fees.