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Latymer Prep Bursary Programme


The Prep Bursary Fund was established in 2014 to provide dedicated financial support to at least one pupil each year who wouldn’t otherwise have been able to come to our school. Over the years, generous donors have raised more than £500,000 towards the bursaries. In order to award this bursary to a child entering Year 3 each September, we have the most incredible support form the Prep community.

It is important to the ethos and character of the Prep that we are accessible to children from a wide range of backgrounds; these pupils make a significant contribution to life in the Prep bringing a diversity of life experiences and enriching the community. If we are going to produce young people who, besides being academically successful, are rounded and grounded, we need to do all that we can to enable them to learn in an environment which reflects the everyday realities of the wider society.

Tianrun, the first recipient of a Prep bursary funded by the Prep Bursary Fund, is currently studying Maths at Cambridge. He said that his full bursary, which enabled him to join Latymer, had had “a significant impact on my life; I honestly don’t know where I would be without it.”

"Without doubt, my proudest moment has been when I received the email offering me a place at King's College, Cambridge. At that moment I knew I would have also made Mr Dorrian proud; he was my former head in the Prep, and he gave me the bursary place at Latymer. Latymer has shaped the person I am today, and I was only able to come because of the bursary I was given. By giving to the Fund, you can increase the diversity of the student body tremendously; I have been given chances that I might never have had.”

To donate to the Prep Bursary Fund, click on the link below:

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To make your gift by cheque please make it out to the “Latymer Foundation” and hand it in to the Prep School Office or post to:

The Latymer Foundation Office
King Street
W6 9LR

Please include instructions that your gift is for the Prep Bursary Fund.