Latymer Prep School



We believe that a love of reading and an introduction to the wealth of world literature is the pathway to stimulating every child’s creativity and imagination. We understand that through the medium of books our children can learn to empathise, value and understand more about our planet, our world cultures, human rights, diversity, equality and other important social topics such as climate change, the plight of endangered animals, changing social attitudes and world history.

We recognise that the pleasure of reading for reading’s sake is a lifelong gift. We understand that cultivating an ability to listen and learn, to think independently and to clearly communicate ideas and opinions both orally and in writing are important milestones in every child’s development.

We believe that good readers make good writers. A critical appreciation and understanding of both modern and classic children’s literature from across the globe can not only inspire children to write but can also develop a child’s vocabulary and their understanding of it. 

We aim to consistently provide a variety of stimulating, vivid and real experiences – such as meeting an author, poet or illustrator, visiting a theatre, performing a poem, presenting in assembly, entering a writing competition, putting on a play – to help the child to develop confidence, self-belief and self-expression. 

We provide opportunities to talk, discuss and share ideas and opinions and we strive to cultivate a safe and respectful environment where every child’s views are listened to. We recognise that this type of environment helps children to develop their language skills and to find their own voice, developing the necessary communication skills to equip them for the future.

We recognise the ever growing and adapting role of digital ICT media in our lives and its importance as a creative and communication tool. We aim to provide opportunities for children to use this medium to enhance their learning experiences and to ensure that their communication skills embrace current technological developments.